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Western Suburbs Perth Electrical

If you are seeking local western suburbs domestic electricians for any electrical work needed on your properties, we have the experience and the skills to undertake it. Indeed we have been in business as domestic electricians in for over 35 years so you can be assured that during that time there is no problem that we have not seen, and no project that we have ever failed to complete successfully.

From full house re-wirings and security installations to installing electrical sockets and light switches, you can rely on our professional and efficient team to complete your tasks on time, on budget, and to the highest standards of quality.
We know that having tradesmen into your home can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, especially for the vulnerable and elderly, but be assured that our friendly staff will always be respectful and courteous when working in your home and around your family.
Call on us in confidence for a personal, yet professional, service

  • Property rewiring
  • Fault finding
  • Lighting
  • Sockets
  • Fuse boards
  • Refurbishments and conversions
  • Exterior lighting and sockets
  • Wiring boilers and ovens
  • Wiring for computers
  • CCTV installation and door entry systems
  • AOV installations
  • Alarms and PIR lighting

Other services

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Commercial Electrical


Commercial Electrician Western Suburbs Perth

We are highly experienced in commercial electrical sector project requirements, offering a complete package of skills, designing and installing everything from small office refits, to new installations and industrial warehouse overhauls.

Whether for lighting, mains distribution, small power, fire alarms or data requirements, our start-to-finish service means you can always rely on us to get the job done right, minimising costly down-time for your business.

We are also environmentally concerned, and will always be happy to advise and facilitate energy-saving products and strategies to reduce your carbon footprint and ultimately save your business money.

  • Mains and sub-mains distribution
  • Emergency lighting
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Fire alarm design, installation and maintenance
  • Door entry and security systems
  • Data cabling
  • Computer trunking services
  • Ring mains

Other services

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Property Maintenance


Electrical Services Rental

We are able to offer a full electrical and electrician service to landlords and have experience working with many private landlords and property management companies. We are also upto speed with current requirements should you be in the process of developing such a property or planning scheduled maintenance. We are reliable, professional and more importantly trustworthy. Why don’t you give us a call to discuss your individual requirements and arrange for a visit.

All work is carried out by qualified electricians, certificated and insured for your peace of mind. We offer our landlord electrical services across the whole of the Western Suburbs


Electricial services include:

Reports and Inspections

  • Inspection of current electrical installation, prospective purchase or renovation reports
  • Full electrical conditioning report, Selling, Buying or renting out
  • Fault Finding
  • Insurance work


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Other Services


Other Local Services

We have developed a reputation in Wembley over time for providing high-quality low-cost installs and repairs for all domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day seven days a week, we can provide test and tag and basic quick jobs from as low as $99 or full commercial installations costing 10s of thousands in high rise buildings. As well as electrical jobs we can also help with all cabling work, tv antenna and tv hanging jobs as well as telephone  line repair and LAN network setup

Talk to me online now for a chat about what you need and what your requirements are

TV Antenna Work

Digital TV Antenna Installation
Sales Of Install Bits & Pieces
Extra TV Cable Points
TV Signal Boosters
Extension Masts And Poles
Black Spot & Rural Installs
MATV & Commercial

TV Installations & Theatre

TV Wall Hanging & Mounting
Projectors Ceiling Mounting
New TV Set-Up & Tuning
Installs Of Wall Speakers
Programming Amplifiers
3DTV & HD TV Set-ups
TiVo – Blue Ray – Setups

Our Cablings Skills

Extra Phone Points
Computer DATA Points
Internet Points ADSL
AV And Computer Connections
Speaker Cabling
Communications Cabling


Other services

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Who To Call When In Need Of A Domestic Electrical Service In Perth

Andrew’s Perth Home Service electricians are talented at all parts of domestic electrical works. Our nearby administration is financially savvy for all your electrical needs. Our 24/7 contact number (08 92734019) signifies we will attend to your to your electrical problems at any hour of the day or when you require us the most.
How We Ensure The Electrical Safety In Your Home

Base on statistics, faulty electrical wiring and defective appliances were the main culprit of more than 3000 house fires last year, a quarter of this number ended in death and more than a hundred have injuries caused by electrocution and burn. If your house is more than twenty years old, it could need its electrical establishment checked, get in touch with us to have your entire system checked immediately and lessen the risk of a potential fire hazard in your community.

Licenses And Certificates

Western Australia has an enlistment of electrical laborers card called a “Drilling License”. You as a property holder have the right to demand seeing it before any electrical work is conveyed. This administration is ordered to keep electrical accidents, injury, and death from wiring work and repairs. Guarantee that your Electrician is enlisted and has a current professional licensed, these are issued once at regular intervals and show a legitimacy period on the card.

Are Electrical Works A DIY Project?

The message is basic, No, electrical projects generally fall under the “Don’t Do-it-Yourself” category.
Most electrical wiring is concealed, yet here are a couple of things which might effortlessly have the capacity to take a look by yourself, check our short guideline if you need to have your electrical system checked.
A few reasons that could require an immediate electrical service are the following issues.

– In the event that your house was wired in the most recent century then requires a rewire upgrade, when there are hazardous and exposed wire circuits that needs to be replaced with an MCB’s or RCBO’s, which are more secure and simpler to utilize. They might be fitted in the most helpful position for you and have additional insurance through the utilization of RCD.

– If you fine the need to secure your home with outside security lighting and the latest security alarms to prevent burglars, intruders and decrease the danger of being victimized by any criminal acts.
-Outdoor electricity is as vital as indoor and could be similarly as dangerous. Abstain from trailing wires through windows and open entryways by having weatherproof and dustproof outside switches and attachments fitted outside your home and in your enclosure.

– Electrical devices, for example, lawnmowers and fence trimmers require RCD safety switches for your security. There is a full selection of RCD safety switches and attachments accessible, approach our professionals for guidance.


Andrew’s Perth Home Services can provide you with a fast web quote if you contact them online. You can take photographs of the situation and send to their e-mail for quick estimates and they can immediately accomplish a web quote detailing the cost, materials, and duration of the installation and maintenance work that will align your home with the current electrical guidelines.

Services from Electricians Local – Expectations from Clients

electricians local

With the advent of new appliances and other hi-tech gadgets, the demand for electrical jobs and services is higher than expected. It fluctuates higher than what people think. When we say electricians local, we often give our initial feedback: these electricians do not work on bigger facilities and they are more on residential jobs. According to one survey from one 2012 article, people expected the following services by electricians local near their residents:

Electricians Local May Perform the Following Services
wembley electrian
Gather, remove install, test and maintain electrical wiring, equipment, apparatus, and fixtures, using power tools and work gear.

Identify systems with malfunctions, apparatus and components using detectors of fire and smoke. They also locate the cause of the electrical problem or breakdown and present it from getting worse.

Connect or reconnect wires to transformers, circuit breakers and other components.

Look at electrical systems carefully and analyze if they still functions properly. This is to identify equipment, and components with hazard, as well as to ensure advanced repair, in compliance with codes. Give advice on the management on operation, repair or reinstallation of new wirings. Check electrical systems and circuits, electrical wiring, fixtures and equipment using ohmmeters, oscilloscopes, voltmeters and other detectors to ensure safety of the system and wirings.

Electricians Local May Offer Other Services Aside from Electrical Problems

Well, honestly, most of the time electricians offer services other than electrical related issues to make their work holistically done. These services might be performed by the homeowner alone along with some possible consequences: possible cause of fire and short circuits from improper installation of cable wires. Electricians are flexible individuals and able to perform other related electrical services like the following:
Installation of Kitchen Range hoods. Why practice do-it-yourself if electricians work on them on your behalf? They install range hoods depending on your needs and preferences. You can get safety installation plus detections of possible problems.

Exhaust and ceiling fan installations. Short circuits and improper wiring installation are the problems related to this service. Nevertheless, electricians local assure you two things: accurate and safety removal and installation. Stove install and oven elements. Smoke and fire are two common factors associated with improper installation of appliances. But honestly, electricians local ensure zero chance of getting fire and smoke in your kitchen.

Fire and Smoke Detectors. Does your home prone to develop fire? Well, worry no more because when you press the alarm button, they immediately come and look at the source of smoke and prevent it. With the use of fire and smoke detectors, your household is 100% safe!

24/7 work. Aside from the fact that electricians local or residential electricians are experts on electrical wirings, they also work 24/7 and in holidays to serve you. Always remember that emergency services happen without schedules and prior notice but you do not need to worry about these things. Electricians local are responsible to troubleshoot these problems before the sunrise.
Do you want to seek help from electricians local? Why not give them a ring now? The safety of your household is one of your basic needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs so the question is why put this on the test?

Is LED Light Suitable For Home and Office Use?

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Most of the high rise construction buildings, offices and residential properties in Perth, Australia incorporate the use of LED use due to its efficiency and functionality. For practical reasons and variety of its uses, it is now the most preferred lighting system in all offices, business establishments, malls, parks and homes etc. Below is a brief overview of what LED lighting is and the useful reasons why it is most ideal and suitable for office and home use.



What Is An LED?

Light is produced when electricity passes through the light emitting diodes (LED). The generated bright light is more clear and sharper than ordinary bulbs. LED lights are also applicable in many practical electrical uses which we need in our everyday lives. It can be found as component of HD (High Definition) TV, monitors, essential computer accessories and parts. It is also used now for digital alarm clocks, signal traffic lights, flashlights, lamp posts, night lights, billboard advertisements, and permanent road light fixtures.

Components and Function

Basically, an LED light is a mix of useful chemicals and other impurities. The mix of aluminum, gallium, arsenide and impurities are its main components. The added impurities help in the creation of free electrons allowing the materials to generate light with the help of its electric power source. The colors emitted from LED lights can be adjusted to the type of impurities used.

Benefits of LED

There are numerous benefits of LED use starting with lower energy consumption. It lasts longer in service than other types of bulbs. It is not prone to burnout or power overload leading to broken or burst out lighting fixtures. It has a continuous supply of white light that is not susceptible to blinking or interruption while lighted.  Light emitting diode (LED) is generally small in size, does not have any mercury content (unlike fluorescent lamps), lasts longer, and with lesser heat generated than any other forms of lighting.


It has longer staying power, and it can light more than a hundred times of the lifespan and the capacity of the typical fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. In office use, it is time consuming and more costly if the need to replace inefficient and broken bulbs always occur. Choosing the use of LED lighting in the office lessens the manpower and time to maintain an efficient long lasting lighting system that will keep the office bright and presentable. At home, it lessens the cost for maintenance and repair because of its longer life span.


A well lighted room exudes a positive atmosphere and ambience in the office. It helps to set the overall work mood and promotes productivity in the workplace. A well lighted workplace inspires customers to visit and check your office, service, or product. Having an efficient lighting system in the office not only attracts potential clients, it also leaves an impression of a dynamic, and customer oriented character that will have clients to keep coming back for more.

Eco-friendly Qualities

Since it does not consume high electricity generation and produces low heat when in use, it reduces the need to use air conditioning in the office or at home. Incandescent and fluorescent bulbs usually generate more heat that makes office space and rooms warm. LED does the total opposite, thereby saving a lot on power use and fossil fuel emissions in the atmosphere. In addition, it uses less energy consumption to light up an entire household.


It does not easily break even when bumped or scratched since they are usually contained in hard plastic cases. It has a capacity to withstand itself from the impact of being banged or moved even on a daily basis. It will not shatter or crack and ensures safety of the people working inside an office. No burst out of glasses or dangerous filaments may occur that can potentially cause injury to anyone in the workplace. Unlike the ordinary or traditional bulbs that contain harmful filaments and toxic chemicals (mercury).

Lighting Directions and Effects

It produces directional lights which basically means, the light can be highlighted into one focal point of an area in a workplace or office. The LED lighting can be adjusted to supply a steady beam of white light to a designated part in the office that needs constant monitoring and proper illumination. Another plus factor, it comes in a wide variety of colors that may prove useful in presentations, events, or product demonstrations held in the office.


For an effective installation of LED lights, Andrew’s Perth Home Services have highly trained electricians who are masters in LED lighting installation. Aside from LED being a practical choice, it is equally important that your house and office be serviced by a professional to ensure your LED installation is properly configured. Contact Andrew’s Perth Home Services for a free estimate and quote at (08) 9273 4019.

Landscape Emergency and Security Lighting Installation

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Landscape lighting is the ideal approach to include magnificence and security in the surroundings of your home.  It does not only highlight the beauty of your property when it gets illuminated in the evening by these specially designed lamps but it also provides security and safety for you and your family. Andrew’s Perth Home Services offers an entire landscape lighting configuration answers for your home. Having landscape lighting is a standout amongst the most emotional changes that you can make to a home, front porch or in the garden.  Andrew’s Perth Home Service has a group of specialists that are devoted to giving outstanding client administration and predominant craftsmanship.  They will give you the quality and professionalism you have been searching for in terms of your custom landscape lighting needs.

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Why choose landscape security lighting?

Vibe and Amusement– It creates the ideal ambience for open air entertainment with landscape lighting.  Light up the pool area, balcony and decks, yards, recreational spaces, and sitting ranges long after the sun sets and it looks mystical with an air of grandeur. Make mood setting lights that will give your visitors an experience they won’t soon overlook.

Magnificence – Accentuate the structural engineering of your home while showcasing its creativity and appeal.  Allow your visitors to encounter the magnificence of your verandah, gazebo, fountains, blooms, trees and bushes.  Create sensational scenes that uncover the inconspicuous forms, shapes and surfaces of your property.

Security – Lighting your house is a successful approach to prevent potential criminals from entering the lighted premises of your home.  Although lighting cannot deter a wrongdoing, recent studies show that a well lit home is significantly less vulnerable to burglars and other potential culprits.

Motion sensitive surge lights – they are an extraordinary approach to secure your home and save electricity in the meantime in light of the fact that the lights just go ahead when you require them or when it detects movement.

Overall Safety – at night landscape lighting stresses pathways, steps or whatever available potential perils inside your yard.  Lighting helps you to explore securely around your property while getting a charge out of its magnificence in the meantime.

Added Value To The Property – Landscape lighting makes your home emerge from the rest.  Well-set lighting can increase the value of your property by enhancing the appearance of your home and its arrangement.  Lighting is a beneficial investment that includes security, magnificence and peacefulness to your property.


An elegant looking house is not considered complete if it has no installed emergency and security lighting within its premises. No house is finished without landscape lighting plan properly installed by Andrew’s Perth Home Services. Take focal point of this open door to light up the magnificence of your home and your scene today.  Grab on the opportunity to highlight the key areas of your investment and at the same time build the security, wellbeing, atmosphere, magnificence and worth of your home.  Our experts are prepared to help you light and secure the best parts of your home for that added class and elegance.

Make Your Household Safe – Ask Electricians Help

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Electricity is one of the most important necessities aside from food, water and shelter and it is the reason why appliances keep on functioning. Without electricity, all things are gloomy and without a life of its own. So knowing all this fact, why people should not see it as a simple thing and why they need electricians to make this one working? Why ask electricians help?

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Electricians are just experts in electricity-related problems

Basically, appliances do not work without electricity and yes, humans can’t live without this vital thing too. From ceiling fan installation up to repairs, electricians help is simply the top consideration that each of us is thinking. Aside from installation of fans and stoves, these experts also knowledgeable on troubleshooting electricity-related problems like short circuits, possible cause of fire and overall appliance status. When you ask electricians help, expect for quick response.

Electricians know the step-by-step process in solving minor to major electrical problems

Imagine a scenario wherein you are cooking in the kitchen and suddenly after few minutes you smelled something that is burning. In this situation, which action will you take first? Ask electricians help or panic and stay away from the source of fire? Honestly, in this very dangerous situation, all you need to do is to stay calm and search for the cause of fire quickly. After doing it, ask electricians help via phone and let them know the status of your kitchen. Expect for fast response then.

Electricians immediately go to your place with complete tools and equipment on hand

When you ask electricians help, then you do not need to hand them electrical tools because they are equipped with a complete set of it. They have tapes, screw drivers, nails, hammer and everything that you could think inside of their emergency tool box. They will not go to your area immediately and respond to your need as soon as they can.

They offer other electrical services that you need

When dealing with household electrical needs, there is nothing wrong about maintaining them with someone that is expert in satisfying them. Technically, you can install a ceiling fan, set up your fuse and emergency lights but then you may not so sure about the outcome. You may not know about the end effect of it after two to three days and you might develop doubt most likely if you did not follow the manual carefully.

Knowing all these facts, which one will you choose: ask electricians help or do that thing on your own? Well, the answer is yours to make and decide. Electricians are expert individuals with good grasps on electrical services like ceiling fan installations, emergency lights and electrical outlets installation, security lights and old wirings replacements, installation of ceiling fans and range hood,  extractors and exhaust fans, RCD & Safety Switches, Power Upgrades, Domestic Electrician Install RCD safety switches, Fire & Smoke Detectors, Upgrade Your Old Cabling, Power Points – Fans – Lights, Test & tag / Safety Inspection, Commercial Electrical Emergency 24/7 and man more. They also offer fuse box repairs and upgrades, rewiring and other cable installations. The electricians are also available during holidays so nothing to worry about holiday offs.



The Importance of RCD & Safety Switches

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When dealing with electricity and all electrical wirings and appliances, we always have to make sure that we have our safety as a top priority at all times. That is why for most appliances and electrical devices, there are RCD & Safety Switches for our own protection. They keep us from getting electrocuted by immediately cutting off the electrical pulse.

RCD & Safety Switches are devices used in electrical wirings to keep us from getting electrocuted. When there is a surge in electricity that causes the electric current to be imbalanced, this can shock you. By shock it doesn’t pertain to the emotion but an electrical shock. The RCD & Safety Switches can pick up on the imbalanced electric current and immediately disconnects the current. That is why we often get jolted or shocked by some appliance yet it is not something that could electrocute us. We will be able to feel the shock and the pain that is associated with it however. But it is not a fatal shock.


Although RCD & Safety Switches can provide you protection from the small shocks that you get from almost every appliance being run on electricity, it doesn’t protect you from getting electrocuted due to short circuits or an overload in the system. Rather the RCD & Safety Switches are just meant for imbalanced electric currents and not meant for abnormal electric currents or overloaded electrical systems. The RCD & Safety Switches will not be able to contain or disconnect the electrical current of such events.

So imagine what it would be like without the RCD & Safety Switches? There is no way that the electric shock will be stopped and this could be fatal. And if it’s not fatal, it could hurt a lot and potential burb you to a crisp.

Aside from the fact that t electricians are good in RCD & Safety switches, they also have other expertise like emergency lights and electrical outlets installation, security lights and old wirings replacements, installation of ceiling fans and range hood,  extractors and exhaust fans, stove installation and oven elements, Power Upgrades, Domestic Electrician Install RCD safety switches, Fire & Smoke Detectors, Upgrade Your Old Cabling, Power Points – Fans – Lights, Test & tag / Safety Inspection, Commercial Electrical Emergency 24/7 and man more. They also offer fuse box repairs and upgrades, rewiring and other cable installations. The electricians are also available during holidays so nothing to worry about holiday offs.

Hiring an electrician seems to be the hardest thing for us as we need to pay them in return. However, there are lots of benefits that do-it-yourself could not provide. The first thing is proper application of RCD & Safety switches. You can follow the manuals, watch videos and look at the best steps but not with personal application. Some scenarios are different from each other and most of the time, dealing with switches is also different in cases. Electricians could do installation of switches in the most accurate and safe way.