My First Experience With Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company- An Honest Feedback

Kitchens and dining tables are the two areas that I mostly enjoying as a mother of two kids and a cook at the same time. I love cooking and baking with different cookies and biscuits. However, one hot afternoon, I smelled something that was burning and I felt like some of my appliances had short circuits and sooner or later, a fire is going to start. This was also the time when I phoned Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company and asked for their assistance regarding this matter. Within few minutes, they arrived at my doorstep and gave me the following services:

Sets Up the Smoke Detector

Initially, they came in and inspected my entire kitchen via smoke detector or the one with an alarm device that could detect smoke, or an indication of fire. According to the electrician, they used this device for commercial, industrial and residential areas to signal to a fire alarm system. This device is an audio visual detector itself with two basic parts: a sensor and a very loud horn (electronic) to wake people. The Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company have used ionization smoke detector with a test and silence buttons. These buttons were great indicators of fire and area status (free or with possible fire).

Detects the Source of Fire

After activating the system and detected that something was wrong, they immediately saw that my oven was the culprit and the wirings on it. They removed the old wirings and replaced them with a new one. They also examined my oven as they were also experts with oven and stove jobs and other electrical old wirings. Instructions were also given and I loved how they taught everything that customers should know. Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company gave me some assurances that they could fix the oven, thus; I could use it again for baking. I was very thankful that I found this company!

Overall Feedback to Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company

Again, this company was awesome! I knew how to deal with fire and smokes now and thanks to the support of this very high-performing team. They treated each client with respect and trust and provided all the needed information without a miss! They began with initial interviews, assessment and interventions plus a solution that could last.

Other Electrical Services

Aside from fire and smoke detectors, Wembley Fire and Smoke Detectors Company also offer other electrical services such as emergency lights and electrical outlets installation, security lights and old wirings replacements, installation of ceiling fans and range hood,  stove and oven jobs, extractors and exhaust fans, RCD & Safety Switches, Power Upgrades, Stove Install & Oven Elements – Domestic Electrician Install RCD safety switches, Fire & Smoke Detectors, Upgrade Your Old Cabling, Power Points – Fans – Lights, Test & tag / Safety Inspection, Commercial Electrical Emergency 24/7 and man more. They also offer fuse box repairs and upgrades, rewiring and other cable installations. So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity to work with these professionals now! They have land line numbers and website support.